Whoopie Pies – a Lancaster County Delicacy

Lancaster County PA whoppie pies

One of Lancaster County’s best loved treats, the whoopie pie is a part of the area’s Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. The desserts are made more like sandwiches than pies with two round cakes and filling in the middle. They come in any imaginable flavor, too! Though the traditional pies are made with chocolate cakes and white filling, some other favorites are made with red velvet or pumpkin cakes and cream cheese filling.


Here in Lancaster, we do love our whoopie pies. So much so that we even put on a whoopie pie festival each fall at the Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn! If your sweet tooth is craving these old fashioned cakes, you’ll definitely find something to satisfy that hunger here. And if you decide you want to try your hand at making these fun filled treats, be sure to pick up an authentic whoopie pie recipe while you’re here.

How did they get their name?

The story goes that when ladies had leftover cake batter they would make whoopie pies as a special treat to surprise their families at lunch the next day. Amish men and children would open up their lunch boxes at school or work and find these fresh delicacies inside. They were so excited, they would yell out “Whoopie!” and the name stuck. Whether you choose to believe the story or not, homemade whoopie pies are definitely worth a shout.

Where to get whoopie pies?

If you are looking for that authentic Lancaster County whoopie pie experience while visiting Pennsylvania Dutch Country, you have a lot of options. Just about every Amish farm stand or small town bakery has these country favorites available, but a few of the top names in whoopie pies are:

Recipes vary a little from one bakery to the next, so to find your favorite you’ll want to come hungry and try them all!

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