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Food Destinations of Lancaster County PA

Lancaster County is known for Amish buggies and farmland and some of the most beautiful farmland and crafts in the state, but it’s also a great destination for food tourism. Whether you are looking to tour farmers markets, craftsman brewers, great restaurants, or local confectioners, Lancaster County is the place to be.
Pass your time in Lancaster County visiting some of our best, brightest, and tastiest spots. If you can’t fit everything into one day, check out the inns with the Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast Inns Association spread out within a short drive of every one of these attractions.

1. The Oldest Continuous Farmers Market:

Lancaster Central Market is the country’s oldest continuously operating farmers market, located in the heart of downtown Lancaster in the same building that has been a market for more than 275 years. Over the years, the vendors have changed and stalls and food stands have come and gone, but one thing remains the same: Central Market is the food destination in Lancaster City.
Over the years, Central Market has become a meeting place for friends and a tourist attraction, too. Anyone who has lived in Lancaster, or planned a trip here, has heard about or been to Central Market. Spending a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday morning wandering the aisles of Central Market is time well spent.

2. The Last Brewery:

The only remaining operating brewery in Lancaster County, the Lancaster Brewing Company is a reminder of days past and the long history of beer and brewing in this area. You can take a free tour at the brewery in downtown Lancaster and also enjoy brewpub fare for lunch and dinner.

3. The Fine, Local Restaurant:

Carr’s Restaurant prides itself on offering a simple, direct but fine quality menu sourced primarily from local suppliers for many of their ingredients. Decorated with an air toward the European café, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, perfect for ending a day of shopping downtown.

4. The Chocolate Factory:

Since 1884 the Wilbur Chocolate company has been making chocolate products in Pennsylvania—perhaps the best chocolate products in Pennsylvania, though Lititz residents may be slightly biased. Now Wilbur products are sold all over the country and the world, not to mention at their factory outlet store in downtown Lititz.
Stop by their factory store during normal business hours for a sample of what makes Lititz, Lancaster County’s sweet spot and take some of their smooth, bittersweet chocolate home to share with your friends. Also at the factory store, you can see displays about chocolate making history, watch an informational video about how cocoa is harvested and made into sugary confections, and watch some of their products being hand-made on site.

5. The Family Style Experience:

You often hear about family style dining in connection with Lancaster County and Good ‘n’ Plenty is a great place to experience it. Serving more Pennsylvania Dutch-style food than you could ever consume at one sitting, Good ‘n’ Plenty exemplifies the family style dining experience. Guests are able to sit around a large table and eat as much as they want while getting to know fellow diners. From the mashed potatoes to the apple pie, it’s a great place for a great dinner.